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Portfolio Program

For over 30 years our programs are designed for those students who are planning careers in medicine, engineering, law, pharmacy, technology, research, sciences and education.

Vocational and career planning and assessments are available. Remedial help is always available. Tutoring in mathematics includes elementary, intermediate, and advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, single through multivariate calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. Tutoring in the sciences includes chemistry, physics, biology and environmental science from introductory through advanced placement for high school students as well as those already studying at the university level. Tutoring is also available in Spanish and English composition at all levels as well as other diverse subject areas and study skills mastery.

Our unique “Math and Science for Girls” program has been a huge success and has resulted in the professional actualization of girls entering challenging technical programs and careers.

We are also well known for our Portfolio Program which is a comprehensive advising system for students throughout high school until they depart for university studies. It covers high school course selection, choice of athletics and extracurriculars, standardized testing and timetable, preparation for college visits and interviews, final college/university choice, types of aid and assistance seeking financing , choice of majors and/or career, references, and “goodness of fit” in school selection. Additionally services include SAT, SATII and ACT test preparation, Advanced Placement preparation, and college essay/application assistance. All services are available for former and new clients preparing for graduate and/or professional advanced degree programs.

Students and families frequently come from out of town. Special housing arrangements and appointments are always available. Lastly, testing and other related services are covered by your health insurance plan when appropriate. Dr. Florsheim will be happy to discuss this with you at any time.

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Our clients choose sustained academic success and set themselves apart from the others.

Our clientele, nationwide and overseas, utilize our Concierge Services which include, but are not limited to, hotel and limousine transportation.

Dr. Bernard J. O'Cononnell
Director of Academic Services

Dr. Neena Florsheim
Director of Testing (Educational and Psychological), Intake & Evaluation

Additional Staff Include:
R. Glen Rubin, M.D., Consultant
W.H. Davies, Ph.D., Consultant
Lisa Gendelman, MA, Consultant
Susan Sigl, MS, CSAC, Consutant

Proud Member of :
American Psychological Association
American Association for College Admissions Counselors
American Counseling Association
Wisconsin Psychological Association

Dr. Neena Florsheim

My parents choosing Advanced Academic Services is the single best choice they made

Dr. Ali Fong

Physican, Dean Health

My freshman year I was in the middle of my class. I graduated valedictorian and sum cum laude from MIT. Thank you Dr. Florsheim!


Material Engineer, BASF

When my parents came to the US they couln’t speak english. I have a law degree from the University of Michigan and work for one of the top companies in the financial services sector.

Stacy L

Acquisitions, Northwestern Mutual

Thanks to the Portfolio Program, I got into Yale, graduated with honors and got the jobs of my dreams!


VP Chemical Engineering Division, Abott Labs